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Poster: aibek Date: Jan 2, 2013 5:51am
Forum: texts Subject: post unrelated to spam or captcha

If you define ‘Western Culture’ as that which the mass-media promotes, then sure! I avoid T.V. like plague, and have now started boycotting movies too. Actually, better not get me started on T.V. -- I have hated it with the utmost hatred for years!

The original meaning of ‘culture’ is what is now called ‘high-culture’. (‘Culture’ is still used in its original meaning in many other areas, as, e.g., in the word ‘horti-culture’.) ‘Western Culture’ in this sense is something pretty good -- I think it is the best culture available. I share many of the common opinions regarding this. (I am charmed by the “wonder that was Greece, the glory that was Rome”, I love the Western Classical music, etc.)

I am not so sure that the culture as in the T.V. stuff is falling into the abyss! Only, thanks to the Internet, everyone who wants a “better deal” out of life can get it. The Internet Archive alone offers much of the world’s culture (high-culture) to anyone who would take it.

Btw, I do not live in the US. For that matter, I am not even of “the West”.

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Poster: garthus1 Date: Jan 2, 2013 8:40am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: post unrelated to spam or captcha


You are right concerning 'Western Culture' in the historic sense, but I am referring to the garbage that the Amerikan government is trying to spread around the world. There is 'very' little freedom or justice in a system that has lawyers legislating and then requires lawyers to interpret the crap that passes for laws here in the United States. I meant pushing it into the abyss rhetorically. I would be happy with it not interfering with collections of knowledge such as the 'Archive' and this will only happen when these so-called western leaders give up on controlling all access to information (not likely in the near future). The TV will stay, but we should all not be forced to subsidize it as we currently do under the current regime.